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Unified prayer in Christ with global consequences.

The Wichita Prayer Movement & the Kansas Prayer Movement are now together at

With a more focused vision of prayer than ever before, we are centralizing our efforts into one place,  This website serves as a hub to stir you to pray fervently and connect you to prayer all across Kansas where you can pray in unity with others... including Wichita where a resurgence of prayer and unity over the last 8 years has served as the kindling of a larger statewide prayer movement.

The Vision

Inspired by the Moravians, and Jesus' teaching on how to pray, we hope to see the Church across the state of Kansas filling every hour of every day with prayer for the glory of God in the earth.  We are believing God for 100,000 intercessors all across Kansas unified together as one praying body through a daily rhythm of praying a specific theme from the Lord's Prayer as the interwoven thread to our agreement.

As we look to Jesus Christ together, intercessors from many different backgrounds and denominations, praying regularly, we are also asking the Lord to unify His Church under His Supremacy.   This is not an idea we came up with, nor a task to try and force.  But rather it is the heart of the Lord Jesus that "we may be one as He and the Father are one." (John 17:22-23)

What Pastors are Saying

"I wholeheartedly endorse this new epic era of the prayer movement."

Dr. Don Davis
Senior Vice President, World Impact

How To Engage



Pray daily using the same Scriptures and theme of The Lord's Prayer that others around the world are praying also. 


Cover an hour of each week in prayer in what is called the Kansas Prayer Furnace.  This is an unceasing prayer movement that is not limited to a location you can visit.

Prayer Furnace 2023.png


Gather with others for an intentional time of unified, corporate prayer as a city, praying for the revival of the Church and the redemption of the city.

Latest Information

Find how-to-pray resources, locate nearby citywide prayer gatherings, and more.
(a more complete list is coming soon)

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